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Our producers,

the small big difference

Good ingredients are the most important thing. We get them from many small and medium-sized farms in the region. The farmers and producers we work with don’t make life easy for themselves. That’s why we like them so much. For example, the farmer Michael, who brings us the organic strawberries, brings us nothing but strawberries (in different degrees of acidity). It’s small-scale, and it’s effort. Effort is something we appreciate. People who dedicate themselves with devotion to their task. Our selected partners are united by their respectful treatment of nature and its treasures. With meat, we pay special attention to where it comes from. We see the farms with our own eyes. That’s how we know our suppliers by their first names. That makes a difference. You will taste it. 

An apricot. Fresh from the tree

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Gemüsemanufaktur Bauer

Bauer family farm in Stetten supplies us with high-quality vegetables, fruit, wild herbs and plant rarities. Depending on the current season.


In a beautiful vaulted cellar in the middle of Vienna, the mushroom brothers Martin and Otto Kammerlander grow organic edible mushrooms. The variety depends on the temperatures in their cellar and goes from shiitake to pom-pom.

Biohof Heymann

In northeastern Marchfeld, the organic farm Heymann specializes in legumes, chickpeas, lentils, and beans.


Krautwerk, from Füllersdorf in Lower Austria, focuses on rediscovering rare varieties of cabbage, and returning to traditional natural farming methods.


In Vienna’s intensive vegetable growing area, the Feigenhof is farmed according to organic principles, simply how the best fruits are produced.

Jumi Käse

A small cheese store in the heart of Vienna with original raw milk cheese variations in all colors. Delivered with environmentally friendly space bikes.


The production of high-quality culinary products has always fascinated Bernd Salat. He roasts beans in his roastery in Waldviertel with passion, massive Crema, love and good music.

Honig von Thomas Zelenka

Beekeeper Thomas Zelenka looks for collection sites, provides natural wooden housing and cares for his bee colonies with great care. He looks after his 130 hives in and around Vienna, guided by great respect for nature.


blün is an association of several farmers. Fish farming and vegetable cultivation are done in a new sustainable technology called aquaponics. This creates a closed cycle in which not a drop of water is lost. The wastewater from the fish is used in the greenhouse for the vegetables.

BOA Farm

Daniela Wintereder and Fred Zehetner keep cattle of the Aberdeen Angus and Galloway breeds and Swabian-Hallow pigs on their BOA farm in the northern Waldviertel region. To know exactly where the meat comes from and how the animals live before slaughter, you’ve come to the right place.