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Ingredients can do magic

All people are worth the same.

No matter what they do or where they come from.

With strawberries, for example, it’s different.

The Labstelle team has roots all over the world. From Austria, Germany, Croatia, to Greece, Nigeria and Bangladesh. This enriches not only us but also our menu. It is located in Austria, but with influences from all over the world. At the beginning there are the ingredients. They come from here. Even the ones you would not think are available here (shrimps from Tyrol, figs from Vienna, etc.). There are no avocados. No other half-measures either. We like to cut up animals as a whole. If possible, we use everything (nose-to-tail). Also with vegetables (leaf-to-root). We smoke, pickle, bake, put on and preserve. We try things out. We also fail sometimes. We keep on tinkering. Until everyone nods in satisfaction.

Even before the ingredients, time is the most precious commodity in gastronomy. If you hardly buy anything in and do everything yourself by hand, you need a lot of it—lots and lots of time. But you do that when you have ingredients you love.

With us you get a good piece of meat. Our guests appreciate us for the way we handle meat. This is not only because of the taste of what’s on the plate. But above all with the fact that the animals had a good life. We show this transparently with our organic certificate. 

Breakfast menu

The Flying Breakfast has become a popular classic. Only available on Saturdays. What the kitchen magically creates is served continually. Up to 10 dishes. Known and unknown. Please take your time; it can take about 2.5 hours. Reservations recommended. 

Lunch menu

Small menu. Two or three courses. Depending on taste. Meat, fish or vegetarian. Seasonal, constantly changing. Also on Saturday!

Evening menu

The best of what the kitchen offers. Depending on your mood, either à la carte or our farm-to-table surprise menu. Also vegan with pleasure. Awarded three “Hauben” by Gault & Millau 2022, recommended by the Guide Michelin as BIB Gourmand.

Wine list & Bar menu

Something different is good for everyone. This also applies to the wine. We have domestic, but also international. Classic and rare. Sommelier Daniel Gahler knows what is right. 

Labstelle  in a jar

Not that you can’t come to us in sweatpants. But sometimes you just feel like staying at home or in the office. That’s why we have the Labstelle in a glass. Meals cooked by us, which we deliver to you. The principle is simple: just heat it on your stove and enjoy. It has nothing to do with ready-made meals. It is the opposite. The finest of the finest. At fair prices. Soups, stews, mushroom goulash. Recipes with a twist. From our kitchen. See and taste for yourself.


Sourdough bread

  • 525g water
  • 150g sourdough
  • 750g flour (450g wheat flour, the rest can be mixed as you like – rye, wholemeal, emmer,…)
  • 37g water
  • 15g salt
  • Bread spice

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